Red Deer Carpet Cleaning

Q: Is it a good idea to use mats to protect the carpet? A: Yes and no. The problem with mats placed on the carpet is that people put them in high traffic areas, thinking that at some point they will remove the mat and have great looking carpet underneath. But what usually happens is that the carpet all around the mat gets worn or faded and the dirt falls off the mat, leaving a ring around it. So if you remove the mat, the area underneath is so distinctly different that you end up having to leave the mat there, so nothing is gained. The only time that mats placed on the carpet may have some value is when they are placed where you may have sudden damage, like from sparks in front of a fireplace or cigarette burns near a smoker’s chair, etc. In any event, never place mats with a black rubberized backing on another rug as it may stain it. Having said that, mats placed before the entrance to carpeted areas are a great idea. They can absorb dirt before it is tracked onto the carpet. Q: Your quote for cleaning is higher than others. Why? A: Because we do a better job. Sorry, I guess that deserves a better explanation. A lot of people look at carpet or upholstery cleaning as if it were a product. What I mean by that is if you were to see a product such as a toaster at one store, and then go to another store and find the same exact toaster for $10.00 less, you could buy it knowing you got a deal; it’s the same thing that you are buying. However, when you “buy” carpet cleaning, you are buying a service, not an end product, and those services and results can be vastly different. We have no problem with people charging less. We believe that in general, you get what you pay for. We actually feel that if some company is willing to charge, for example, half of what we charge and then does half as good a job, we think that is fair and you got what you paid for. The difference from us is that we have always specialized in superior cleaning for “fussy” customers. For example, many companies offer hot water extraction or “steam cleaning” and whether you use us or not, this is the type of cleaning that we and most carpet manufacturers recommend. If you have never seen others do it, a combination wand is used to inject a cleaning chemical into the carpet under high pressure. It then takes maybe a tenth of a second to break down and mix with the dirt and stains before powerful vacuums suck it out. As a system, nothing removes more dirt. There are some drawbacks however. First, the cleaning chemical is not on the carpet long enough to break down the soil and stains completely. Second, like all cleaning systems, you are putting a cleaning chemical on the carpet and, though for the most part you are sucking it back out (with some systems they tell you to let it dry and vacuum it out later), the bottom line is that you are not truly rinsing it out. This is a problem because any cleaning chemical left in the carpet will become sticky and cause more rapid resoiling. So what we do differently to solve these problems is apply our special cleaning solution to the entire carpet separately first, from a pump sprayer. This gives the solution the time it needs to work, much like soaking your clothes before you wash them. Then, because the cleaning solution is already on the carpet, we can use a special neutralizing rinse in the machine.

Q: Should I have my carpet stainguarded? A: That depends. If your carpet is new or even if it is less than 10 years old, it has likely been treated for stain and soil protection from the factory. The treatments work so well and are so easy to apply at the factory level that very few carpets produced anymore don’t have some sort of treatment. If your carpet is less than a year or two old and you have never had it cleaned, the existing stainguard treatments will likely survive one or two cleanings if done by a knowledgeable professional cleaner. I say knowledgeable because some cleaners will use chemicals which are too harsh, meaning too high in alkalinity, and can strip off the stain treatments. If your carpet is older or heavily used, you would likely benefit from a stain and soil repellant treatment, but only after cleaning. Remember that stainguard treatments are not a stain proofing; some things can still stain a treated carpet. The problem with stainguard is that we feel it has been somewhat overhyped. Much of this comes from cleaning firms that may lead you to believe that it’s a wonderful, magical, impervious product that you simply must have. Even worse, some of the less reputable companies may not apply the product at the full and proper rate, leaving you with little or no protection. The truth is, when applied properly, it works, and your chances of getting a stain out of a treated carpet are much, much better than a nontreated carpet and any soil on the carpet will be easier to remove. But if you think you can stainguard your carpet and then do anything you want to it and it will still come clean, you have been misinformed and oversold in my opinion. Q: We found a used chair we want to buy from a smoker. Can it be cleaned? A: Yes and no. Although I’m sure that we could clean the chair very satisfactorily for the old owner, it’s very unlikely that all the smoke odour could be removed to your satisfaction. The smoke will have penetrated deep into the cushion foam and would be expelled every time you sat down. Q: What causes carpet ripples and can it be fixed? A: There are several reasons that a carpet may buckle. It may be that the house has settled and/ or the carpet relaxed over time. It may have stretched due to heavy traffic over time. It may have been damaged by rolling friction like a wheelchair or office chair (Rolling friction is one of the worst things for a carpet. Use a plastic protector mat under rolling office chairs). Of course it may also not have been stretched enough in the first place. It’s also possible that a carpet may stretch from excessive moisture like a flood or even extreme over-wetting by a carpet cleaner. Most of the time carpets can be re-stretched. As trained carpet installers, we do offer this service. Q: My carpet is old. Will it clean up and is it worth it? A: Possibly. If you’re in town, we could do a free inspection and quote. We would let you know how we think the carpet would respond and if we think there are any issues with the carpet itself. Unfortunately, you often can’t really tell just how a carpet will respond to cleaning until you try. So the other thing we would do for you is if you want to go ahead and book the job, we could do a test cleaning, for a minimum charge. If we have cleaned a section of it, and you don’t feel that the results are worth it, you would be under no obligation or pressure to finish the job. I will tell you, though, that it’s very rare that people are not surprised how well an older carpet will respond to our cleaning. FAQ Q. 

This ensures that your carpets will stay clean longer and is safe for your children and pets are safe. Q. We just painted, will your hoses scratch the paint on corners of our walls? At AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning we have take extra steps to make sure that your property and all valuables are protected in every way possible. We use wall corner guards and drop sheets to ensure our hoses do not damage baseboards, paint or floors when we pull our hoses. The nice thing with our truckmounts is that all the heavy equipment remains in the truck and is not dragged thru your home. Q. What is the cost? Why is there such a great variation in prices between different carpet cleaners? The simple answer is: quality in workmanship and reputation. Skilled, experienced and schooled technicians take pride in their work and it shows in the end result. Rather than use harsh chemicals to achieve a surface brightening, AAA crews rinse your carpets clean, remove spots with expert techniques in a separate operation, and achieve a near new look, which lasts far longer. Our crews move furniture and truly clean carpets from corner to corner. When it comes to low advertised prices, keep in mind that in the end, this advertised price will be greatly inflated by adding additional, and often unnecessary services (bait and switch). So what originally may sound as a ‘good deal’ may cost more in the end. Rapid re-soiling is the biggest consumer gripe of cut-rate carpet cleaning. Guarantees are only as good as the company that stands behind them (reputation). Our price is based on the amount of sq. ft. cleaned, not room by room, this way you just pay for what you are having cleaned. There are lots of low priced cleaners who love to take your money, but like my father would say, Cheap is good, but good is never cheap. So if you are looking for a quick brush the dirt of the surface cleaning, we are not the company you are looking for. But if you want a deep, thorough cleaning, using environmentally sound products by trained certified technicians, backed by a 100% money back guarantee, call us!!! Q. What about spots, spills or stains? Will they all be removed by the cleaning? The different fibers used in producing carpets, or upholstered furniture, have different characteristics, such as how much liquid they will absorb or what food dyes can stain them. Such as black coffee is much easier to remove the coffee that contains cream and sugar. So it maybe that one spill comes out but the other spill does not it could the same drink just with different ingredents or even the temperature of the beverage. Therefore, successful stain removal can vary greatly. All spots are pretreated before any cleaning begins, our crews use a variety of products to achieve maximum success but we cannot guarantee that all staining can be removed, especially if the stain had been previously cleaned improperly thus setting the stain permanently. Thanks to our training and years of experience we are generally very successful often astonishing our clients with what we can do and other cleaners in the past were unable to do. Q. How long does the carpet take to dry? The normal drying time is from 4 to 8 hours depending on the degree of soiling and the outside humidity. We suggest you turn use ceiling or floor fans to aid in the drying process. Any air circulation will speed up the drying time. Extreme humidity, and or soiling will add hours to the normal drying times. Cleaning in the winter season drying times can be considerably shorter. Q. I’ve heard it’s best to put off having your carpet cleaned as long as possible, is this true? No. The build up of soil in your carpet in combination with foot traffic creates abrasion that breaks down your carpets’ fibers. So what you perceive as soiling is actually the damage that has been caused by the soiling. This wear & tear can be permanent. This means higher traffic areas will require cleaning more often. 

The top of the carpet dries first and pulls up more moisture, any dormant spots in the pad or back of the carpet can be pulled to tips of the fibers. Our service technicians concentrate on these areas but can only go over areas a limited number of times. Return services may be subject to a minimum service charge AFTER our 1st return service. (1st is free for up to 30 days after original cleaning). So if a spot does return after our cleaning please be sure to call us back within the first 30 days and we will be happy to return and retreat for FREE!!! Q. Can I walk on my carpet after it has been cleaned? You may walk on your carpets as long as you don’t have your feet soiled. However, try to keep pets, children, and heavy traffic off the carpet during the drying process. There is also the concern of slip and fall hazard when walking from your damp carpet to hard surface flooring, so be extra careful till dry. Wait 24 hours before removing protective tabs that our technicians have placed under the furniture to protect the carpet. Q. How can I keep my carpets cleaner for a longer period of time? Vacuuming twice a week will help in preventing soil build up. Door mats and regular changing of a/c filters also prevents soil build up. Q. Why should I choose your company over all the rest out there? A very good and fare question! AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning is not the only professional carpet cleaner in the region, to say that would just be dishonest. But the truth be told there are a lot more poorly trained and unscrupulous cleaners then trained professionals. Here are a few questions you should ask any cleaner before letting them into your home: If I am not fully satisfied with your cleaning will you refund 100% of my money? Are you fully trained by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification), what are your areas of certifications, and what is your certification number? Are you fully insured? Do you use truck-mounted cleaning with chemical free rinse? Do you have over 20 years experience? Can you provide referrals and testimonials? Are all of your cleaning products environmentally friendly? Do you give a written price prior to cleaning? Do you belong to the Better Business Bureau? And do you have a clear record? Our answer to all of those questions, is YES. Our biggest asset is our thousands of thrilled clients who constantly refer us to their friends, family and leave us great testimonials. Please check our testimonials on our site. We would love to add your name to our growing list of thrilled clients. Q. Why should we have our carpets cleaned every 6 – 18 months? People invest thousands of dollars into new carpets and furniture. Cleaning is protecting your investment from being damaged.