Red Deer Steam Carpet Cleaning
Red Deer Carpet Cleaning

Q. Last time we had our carpets cleaned they seemed to get soiled really quickly. Why? Most carpet cleaners to save time and cost inject their cleaning products in their rinse water, therefore leaving behind all that sticky alkaline shampoo. Just imagine washing your hair with shampoo and then rinsing it with shampoo – it maybe clean but it is going to dry all sticky and hard. At AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning we take the extra time and care to pre- treat all your carpets and spots with a pre-conditioner and rinsing with cleaning chemical FREE rinse. 

This ensures that your carpets will stay clean longer and is safe for your children and pets are safe. Q. We just painted, will your hoses scratch the paint on corners of our walls? At AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning we have take extra steps to make sure that your property and all valuables are protected in every way possible. We use wall corner guards and drop sheets to ensure our hoses do not damage baseboards, paint or floors when we pull our hoses. The nice thing with our truckmounts is that all the heavy equipment remains in the truck and is not dragged thru your home. Q. What is the cost? Why is there such a great variation in prices between different carpet cleaners? The simple answer is: quality in workmanship and reputation. Skilled, experienced and schooled technicians take pride in their work and it shows in the end result. Rather than use harsh chemicals to achieve a surface brightening, AAA crews rinse your carpets clean, remove spots with expert techniques in a separate operation, and achieve a near new look, which lasts far longer. Our crews move furniture and truly clean carpets from corner to corner. When it comes to low advertised prices, keep in mind that in the end, this advertised price will be greatly inflated by adding additional, and often unnecessary services (bait and switch). So what originally may sound as a ‘good deal’ may cost more in the end. Rapid re-soiling is the biggest consumer gripe of cut-rate carpet cleaning. Guarantees are only as good as the company that stands behind them (reputation). Our price is based on the amount of sq. ft. cleaned, not room by room, this way you just pay for what you are having cleaned. There are lots of low priced cleaners who love to take your money, but like my father would say, Cheap is good, but good is never cheap. So if you are looking for a quick brush the dirt of the surface cleaning, we are not the company you are looking for. But if you want a deep, thorough cleaning, using environmentally sound products by trained certified technicians, backed by a 100% money back guarantee, call us!!! Q. What about spots, spills or stains? Will they all be removed by the cleaning? The different fibers used in producing carpets, or upholstered furniture, have different characteristics, such as how much liquid they will absorb or what food dyes can stain them. Such as black coffee is much easier to remove the coffee that contains cream and sugar. So it maybe that one spill comes out but the other spill does not it could the same drink just with different ingredents or even the temperature of the beverage. Therefore, successful stain removal can vary greatly. All spots are pretreated before any cleaning begins, our crews use a variety of products to achieve maximum success but we cannot guarantee that all staining can be removed, especially if the stain had been previously cleaned improperly thus setting the stain permanently. Thanks to our training and years of experience we are generally very successful often astonishing our clients with what we can do and other cleaners in the past were unable to do. Q. How long does the carpet take to dry? The normal drying time is from 4 to 8 hours depending on the degree of soiling and the outside humidity. We suggest you turn use ceiling or floor fans to aid in the drying process. Any air circulation will speed up the drying time. Extreme humidity, and or soiling will add hours to the normal drying times. Cleaning in the winter season drying times can be considerably shorter. Q. I’ve heard it’s best to put off having your carpet cleaned as long as possible, is this true? No. The build up of soil in your carpet in combination with foot traffic creates abrasion that breaks down your carpets’ fibers. So what you perceive as soiling is actually the damage that has been caused by the soiling. This wear & tear can be permanent. This means higher traffic areas will require cleaning more often. We only charges you for the areas they clean so it is possible to get just the traffic areas done when needed. Q. Why shouldn’t I just rent a carpet cleaning unit and save some money? It is true you can definitely save money doing it your self, but at what is the true cost? Improperly treating stains with the incorrect product, or pH can permanently set a spot, a spot that could easily been removed by us. Portables, especially the rental ones lack suction, the ability to remove all the debris and equally important the water you have injected. This inability to fully remove all that water can leave your carpets wet for days not a few hours like us, causing bacterial growth and the odours that go along with them. Time is money, figuring the time to pick up, set up, move furniture, and return you could easily spend an entire day soaking your carpets, in the same time period we could have cleaned and fully dried your carpets. 

The place that rents the units to you will NOT give you a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your cleaning or help you remove the browning or wicking back of spots after it dries in a few days. We back ours with a money back warranty and a 30 day no spot returns guarantee or else we will. Q. Does your cleaning process soak the backing of the carpet? No, although our process rinses the carpet deep down, moisture does not penetrate the backing of the carpet. With our powerful truck mounted equipment, your carpet is thoroughly rinsed, and left only damp to the touch. The best way to prove this is to clean front door mats which are the most soiled carpets in a home. Upon cleaning, we welcome you to flip it over and you will find that the floor is 100% dry and no water has gone thru to the carpet backing. Many proponents of dry cleaning will tell you that steam cleaning soaks the carpet, pad, and sub floors – this simply does not happen with our powerful cleaning machines. Put us to the test – we have nothing to hide. Q. Can you get the pet odour out of my carpet? Pet odour is a very common problem. At AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning we can help you deal with your pet odours. The problem with pet odour is that it can be much deeper than it first appears. Pet urine can easily soak through the backing of the carpet into the padding underneath. In more severe cases the urine can penetrate into the sub-floor beneath the padding. This creates a problem that is multi-layered. The urine also provides for the growth of bacteria. This in turn contributes to a worsening of the odour problem and can contribute to permanent color loss of the carpet fiber. Left untreated over a period of time pet odour can become absorbed into many of the porous materials in your home. Draperies, sheet rock, upholstered furniture, baseboards, even the concrete foundation are just a few of the materials that can absorb these odours. We offer a range of solutions to help you solve your pet odour problems. To answer your question – a complete inspection of your carpet, pad and subfloor would have to be done. When the subfloor and pad are saturated carpet cleaning alone will not remove the odours completely, as the odours will wick up from the subfloor and pad. We can guarantee complete pet odour removal with out the removal and replacement of effected pad, sealing of the subfloor and cleaning of both sides of the carpet. So it is best to get us in as soon as possible to treat these accidents before the damage sinks in. Q. Do I have to be home while my carpet is being cleaned? It is not necessary that you be home while your carpet is cleaned because our carpet cleaners are professionals, fully trained, reliable and insured. However, we recommend that someone be home before we begin cleaning to discuss carpet care issues pertaining to your carpet, and to discuss which cleaning package you would prefer. Q. Why do some stains reappear after carpets have dried? Some spots may reappear after drying or after a few days of usage.